The Epson V300 scanner with lid raised, showing an empty tray for slides and negatives.

Scanner Settings

Most scanners have multiple settings available for scanning slides, negatives, and photographs. When selected, adjustments are performed as part of the scan itself. Some settings should be used for almost every scan, while others should be utilized selectively.


A screen shot for printed photo adjustments on the Epson V300 scanner.

Below is a summary of the value added by various settings:

Setting Description Photographs Film & Slides Default
Backlight Correction Removes shadows from photos that have too much background light Yes Yes No
Color Restoration Restores the color in faded photos automatically Yes Yes No
Descreening Removes the rippled pattern that can appear in subtly shaded image areas, such as skin tones Yes Not applicable No
Dust Removal Removes dust marks from originals Yes Yes No
Grain Reduction Reduces the effect of surface roughness Not applicable Yes No
Unsharp Mask Makes the edges of image areas clearer for an overall sharper image; if not selected, softer edges will result Yes Yes Yes

Source:  Epson V300 Detailed Setting Instructions.

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