A dining room table set for a boy's birthday party in 1972.

Family Slides: 1950s – 1980s

The client was a male in his 50s.  As the youngest of four children, he inherited some of the family carousel trays. The slides included family vacations, camping trips, holidays and other childhood memories. He had 14 carousels (80-140 slides each), and his sister had about the same number. They were not sure if they wanted to digitize all of them or not.

We began with just four carousels, selected by the client. I shared the digital images with the client via Dropbox, enabling him to share them with his family members (father, sisters, etc.). Upon seeing the results, he decided to move ahead with three additional carousels. The final product will be supplied via DVD.

This project is still underway and is being approached as a series of sub-projects. This enables the client to spread out the cost and to assess the desire for additional digitization every few months.

“They look great. I can’t wait to show them to my father. He is turning 92 on Tuesday.”  

~Bill R. in Richmond, VA ( January 21, 2017)

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