A screen shot of photorefuge.com/packages. The Packages menu option is highlighted, and the feature image is The Elgin Marbles at The British Museum.

New Package Rates

Photo Refuge has added Package rates to its menu of options. The Services page covers a variety of services performed by Photo Refuge. The Packages page provides options for the client and Photo Refuge to partner on photo organization projects.

The Package options are most applicable to digital photo organizing. They could also apply to printed photo organizing, photo books & albums, and other client needs.

Many clients want to engage a photo organizer to help them get their photo collection to a better place, and then they want to be able to maintain it on their own. The Package option is designed to enable clients to establish a workflow that resonates with them as part of the photo organizing project, resulting in a transition from Photo Refuge to client that is seamless.

With Services, the client hands all material over to Photo Refuge and is engaged only periodically during the project; upon project conclusion, everything is transitioned back to the client.  With a Package, the client is involved in each step of the project, working with Photo Refuge to organize, select, label, etc.  Upon project conclusion, there is less to transition, as the client has been involved throughout.

Packages are available for 10, 16, and 24 hours. If clients elect the 10-hour package and determine that more hours are needed, they can always upgrade to the 16-hour or 24-hour package.

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