About 11 coffee capsules in a black container, upside down, varying colors.

Active Projects and Project Inquiries

After I introduce myself as a photo organizer, the next comment is typically something like, “So do you…?” Fortunately, the answer I provide is usually:  “Yes!” We digitize old media, sort printed photos, design photo books, organize digital photos, prepare slideshows, and more. Clients include families, photographers, and businesses – anyone desiring to preserve photographic history.  

Often the best way to understand a business is to review past, current, and potential  projects. Past Projects are featured in the Photo Refuge blog, accompanied by client testimonials. Active Projects and Project Inquiries are now listed on the About page of photorefuge.com. All of these are meant to help prospective clients understand the variety of work that Photo Refuge performs.

Photo organizers are always up for a new challenge, so if you don’t see your need reflected, use the Contact page and inquire.  If we cannot help you, we will work hard to point you to a resource that can.




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