An empty cardboard photo frame appears in the center. It is surrounded by seven images that were stored in the frame.

Hidden Images

A cardboard folder had additional images behind the two on display. Always remove images from frames or folders and check to see what else is there!

Five hidden prints

This cardboard picture folder had seen better days. I often scan photos while in their folders, then I remove the prints for a second scan with no folder present. I enjoy having a record of the old cardboard folder frames.

An off-white cardboard frame with two sides. A girl with a red bow in her hair is on the left, and a girl with a white bow in her hair is on the right. The girls are sisters.
My grandmother certainly got a lot of use out of this cardboard frame! It is not clean, but the photos inside are in good shape. Amazingly, the cardboard is not torn.

When I removed the 1960s pictures of my sisters from the frame, to my surprise, I found five additional images. The frame did not look like it could hold so many photos.

The lower right image is my mother, probably in high school. The lower left image is her younger brother. The middle image on the right read, “To Aunt Esther,” on the rear (probably cousin Sam) – so now I know this frame came from my grandparents’ home. I’ll keep that in mind as I consider who the other two individuals might be – relatives, I expect.

An empty cardboard photo frame appears in the center. It is surrounded by seven images that were stored in the frame.
Two of these folks are unknown; I hope other family photos will help me identify them and confirm my suspicions for a third.

Slow down

As we were reviewing and consolidating items from my father’s apartment after his death, I was removing 8×10 prints from old frames (some of which were broken and at risk of damaging the prints). I was working fast and talking to my two sisters while doing this. A day or so later, sister Sandi discovered that I missed an 8×10 picture of sister Sue. It would have been thrown away!

A one-year-old girl is seated on a leather stool for a formal portrait. She is holding a stffed animal. The bottoms of her shoes are showing, and her hands are raised at waist height.
Susan, circa 1953, about one year old.

My mother displayed recent photos in 8×10 frames, and her way of storing older photos was to keep them in the frame, behind the photo on display. Sometimes cardboard and other paper got mixed in with these collections. I obviously wasn’t careful enough while going through this material. My advice – slow down and look at both sides of everything you touch.

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