Photo Refuge

Photo Refuge helps with digitization and organization of photographic memories. We are located in Richmond, Virginia, and enjoy working with individuals, families, photographers, and businesses – any entity that desires to preserve a photographic history.

Digitization involves taking one form of media (printed photos, tape, film, slides, negatives) and converting it into a digital file that can be stored and shared electronically. After digitization, the originals may be retained or not, depending on the preferences of the client.

Organization includes reviewing, sorting, labeling, and culling photographic images. Organization can be performed on printed images or on digitized images.

Photographic memories include various forms of media:  printed photos, tape, film, slides, and negatives.

We are passionate not just about digitizing images, but also about sharing, utilizing, and backing up the images so that a variety of individuals can enjoy and benefit from them in the future.

Active projects

The table below lists active projects at Photo Refuge. Past projects and testimonials are featured in the Photo Refuge blog.

Short description Long description Quantity
Digital photo organization Remove duplicates and organize into folders by calendar month & year 25,000 image and video files
Photo and scrapbook album page digitization Digitize pages, collate, and save each album as a PDF file 245 pages in 7 albums
Hi8 tape digitization Digitize and perform basic editing on tapes; 2000 – 2006 7 tapes
VHS tape digitization Digitize and perform basic editing on tapes from 1990s 7 tapes
Slide scanning Scan 35mm slides of family events, holidays, and vacations; 1950s – 1980s 4 carousels of slides
Hi8 tape digitization Digitize and perform basic editing on tapes; 1990s – 2010 23 tapes
Hi8, VHS, and VHS-C tape digitization Digitize and perform basic editing on tapes; 1995 – 2007 Hi8 (5), VHS (5), VHS-C (29)
Slide scanning in three phases Scan 35mm slides (24 carousels) from the 1970s Phase 1:  580 slides

Phase 2:  450 slides

Phase 3:  1,000 slides

Project inquiries

“Can you help with….?” is a common question posed to photo organizers.  We like a new challenge, so always ask!  Below is a sampling of inquiries received.

  • Can you help with images and videos scattered across multiple Apple devices as well as Dropbox? I want everything in one place, with duplicates removed. Yes!
  • My former spouse and I need to divide up photographs and/or make copies of ones we both want to keep. Can you recommend a process for this? Yes!
  • I have my parents’ family photo albums from the 1940s and 1950s. Can you help digitize the photos and capture the text recorded under each photo? Yes!
  • Can you help convert my grandparents’ old movie reels and slides into a digital format? Yes!
  • I have multiple old computers, flash drives, phones, etc. that I’d like to have consolidated into one photo library. Can you help? Yes!
  • I’m in need of help with organizing my photos – both physical and digital. I’ve gotten a bit of a start – but could really use some guidance and advice. I imagine this could be done via phone but I’m not sure. Do you assist with things like this? Yes!
  • I want to convert my VHS tapes to DVDs – can you assist? Yes!
  • I have lots of photos, videos, etc. that I keep meaning to get to, but I never do. Can you help me get started? Yes!
  • I unintentionally have two Google Photos accounts.  Can you advise on how to consolidate everything into one account, remove duplicates, and establish a backup process?  Yes!

Sharyn Campbell, President

Sharyn established Photo Refuge LLC following a 20-year career in data analysis, project management, and strategic planning. She is a member of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO) and engages in ongoing development.

LinkedIn profile

A photo of Sharyn Campbell, President of Photo Refuge LLC.

Her passion for photos started at a young age, when she enjoyed looking through photo albums from the 1940s to the 1970s. In high school, she took photography classes, started making scrapbooks, and spent one summer sorting and labeling family photos from the early 1900s to the 1960s. She continues to enjoy traveling with her husband and creating photo albums, photo books, videos, and slideshows to capture those adventures (national parks are a favorite destination). Her parents and sisters entrusted all of the family photos to her when her parents decided to downsize, which is when she began experimenting with digitization and electronic sharing of photos. Sharyn also has experience organizing 20+ years of photos for a Virginia state agency’s digitization efforts.

She relies on her attention to detail, organization skills, and passion for storytelling to customize solutions for her clients.