A family seated at a table for a 1969 holiday dinner. Grandparents on left, mother standing at the end of the table, teenage daughters on the right.

The Context of Our Photographs

In June 2017, I heard Enrique Martinez Celaya interviewed by Krista Tippett on On Being; they discussed “The Whisper of the Order of Things.”  He is a painter who trained as a physicist.  The 50-minute interview addressed many topics, but I was most intrigued by his comments on photography.

Krista Tippett asked him about a comment he made previously:  “Photographs whisper that to look at them is to lose or overhear something.”  She then invited him to elaborate on how much more is going on in pictures than what we attribute now. Continue reading

About 11 coffee capsules in a black container, upside down, varying colors.

Active Projects and Project Inquiries

After I introduce myself as a photo organizer, the next comment is typically something like, “So do you…?” Fortunately, the answer I provide is usually:  “Yes!” We digitize old media, sort printed photos, design photo books, organize digital photos, prepare slideshows, and more. Clients include families, photographers, and businesses – anyone desiring to preserve photographic history.   Continue reading