A 12x12" scrapbook page with black background. World War II is at the top, Europe down the right side. There are nine rectangular pictures in 3 rows of 3. A quote appears at the bottom of the page.

Scanning, Scrapbooks, Stitching

I recently worked with a client who has enjoyed creating scrapbooks for years. She continues to make scrapbooks in this digital age. How can digitization supplement and support such efforts? There are steps to take, before scrapbook creation and after, that will help preserve both individual images and the stories that scrapbook pages are designed to tell.

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A woman in an orange shirt and hat with a backpack on. The red rocks of a canyon are behind her; she is holding up her hands to celebrate successfully crossing a stream without falling in.

iMovie: First Attempt

Is video part of your vacation memories toolbox?  I advocate for video as a supplement to online photo galleries, photo books, and printed photos.  The ability to capture voices, antics, and movement is unique to the video format.  With some basic training to help you efficiently navigate iMovie, you’ll find it is easy to create a comprehensive video story from a series of clips, taken on a variety of devices.  You can add audio (music or specific sounds), transitions, titles, and credits.  Splitting clips and editing out unwanted content is straightforward.  

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A club chair with white floral fabric. There is a paper sign on the chair asking that it be saved for the family.

One Chair Through Time

So often, photos tell the stories of people through the decades. Objects have stories too. This chair has seen people come and go, holidays, and pets. Off and on for decades, it was paired with what my mother always called the “drum table.” It has had multiple homes and “worn” four different fabrics. As of December 2017, I became its owner. The chair has been with my family for at least 60 years; this is only part of its story.

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A blue plate with five doughnuts on tissue: chocolate glazed, cake with pink icing and colored sprinkles, cake with white glaze, maple glaze, and sprinkled powdered sugar.

A Little Bit of Everything

I do like projects with variety.  One recently completed photo organization project offered plenty:

  • 1,200 prints (including 4×6, panoramic, 8×10, wallet, and other sizes)
  • 175 loose negative strips
  • 3 CDs with mystery images
  • 70 prints stuck to each other (also a mystery)
  • 200 prints stuck to film in an album
  • 3 Kodak Advantix film canisters with more mystery images

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A grid of cacti being grown in pink containers for sale.

The Big Negative Sort

I recently had a client with 175 negative strips as part of her photo collection.  Some were grouped in plastic sleeves from the developer (Rite Aid, Eckerd).  Some had white handling tabs attached to them.  And many were just…loose.  How was I going to tackle the sorting of the loose strips?  My ultimate goal was to recreate the film rolls of which they were a part (so that I could match them to existing prints or to contact sheets).

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A turtle made from sand on a beach.

Help! My Photos are Stuck to…

There is much advice on the internet regarding how to address prints stuck to stuff.  How one should proceed depends on the age of the photos, what they are stuck to, whether they are the only record, and how precious they are.  If they are stuck, they are already damaged.  The goal will be to minimize any further damage as they are separated from whatever they are attached to.

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