A long, rectangular water fountain with about an inch of moving water shows the reflection of a taller building just north of it. You can see some columns and about five windows. A leaf is also visible in the water on the right.

Reflections on Photo Refuge

Photo Refuge was established a couple of years ago, and I have been reflecting on its evolution the past few months.  Not only does my personal business continue to evolve, but the photo organizing industry as a whole experiences frequent change.  Software, applications, services, products, and technologies – businesses that photo organizers depend upon – are constantly exiting and entering the market and modifying pricing and services.

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About 11 coffee capsules in a black container, upside down, varying colors.

Active Projects and Project Inquiries

After I introduce myself as a photo organizer, the next comment is typically something like, “So do you…?” Fortunately, the answer I provide is usually:  “Yes!” We digitize old media, sort printed photos, design photo books, organize digital photos, prepare slideshows, and more. Clients include families, photographers, and businesses – anyone desiring to preserve photographic history.   Continue reading