A Partnership

Packages enable clients and Photo Refuge to work together to develop a framework and process that will allow clients to establish and maintain collections independently.  If you prefer to turn it over to us, see our Services page.

The amount of time allocated to each step (below) will depend on the package selected, the volume of material, whether some of the steps are already partially or fully complete, and comfort level. Photo Refuge works with a client to apply these steps to a portion of a collection, giving the client the tools and knowledge needed to complete the process for the entire collection.

We recommend training in two-hour increments. Between sessions, clients should practice applying knowledge and skills acquired at each session; this will result in ongoing progress with the collection. Clients can upgrade to a package with more hours if necessary.

Step 1

Collect – Photo Refuge helps the client gather photographic memories from various locations, devices, and services

Step 2

Organize & curate – Photo Refuge and the client review everything, agree on a logical structure, and decide what to retain and in what format

Step 3

Back up & document – Photo Refuge and the client establish methods for archiving the collection and ensure the client has all of the information necessary to move forward independently

Package rates

Package Hours Price
A 10 $500.00
B 16 $720.00
C 24 $960.00

A deposit of fifty percent (50%) of the package cost is due when the scope statement is signed and must be received before work will begin. The balance is due upon final delivery of the finished product.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available for the packages listed above and expire 12 months after being issued. Use the Contact page to inquire.

Delivery of Final Product

For digital images, we recommend that you maintain three copies, on different types of media, to guard against a variety of hazards. This can include hard drives (external and/or internal), DVDs, cloud storage, and other options. We will partner with you to identify the best solutions for your project.

The client is responsible for any accounts that need to be established, media that need to be purchased, and/or storage containers. We can help you acquire items if needed.