Not sure where to begin?

√  You don’t have to organize anything before contacting us – that’s what we help you to do.

√ Consider beginning with just a portion of the overall project; we don’t have to tackle everything at one time.

√  See Past Projects, Active Projects, and Project Inquiries for examples of projects with a variety of clients.

A Partnership

Packages enable Photo Refuge to work with clients to identify photographic memories on various media (see Media), determine the optimal approach for a particular collection, and chart a path to the desired outcome.  A plan unique to each client is developed, including quantities, vendors to assist, coaching on the pieces a client wants to handle, and best practices to follow.

The amount of time allocated to each step (below) will depend on the package selected, the volume of material, whether some of the steps are already partially or fully complete, and comfort level.

Consultations are a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 3 hours. At the end of each session, the client and Photo Refuge will agree on tasks to be accomplished before the next meeting; this will result in ongoing progress with the collection.

Step 1

Collect – Photo Refuge helps the client gather photographic memories from various locations, devices, and services

Step 2

Organize & curate – Photo Refuge and the client review everything, agree on a logical structure, and decide what to retain and in what format

Step 3

Design & digitize – Photo Refuge and the client identify the desired end product, what role the client wants to play, what role third parties play, and what role Photo Refuge will play

Step 4

Store, back up, share & document – Photo Refuge and the client establish methods for archiving, sharing, and maintaining the collection



Package Hours Price
A 10 $500.00
B 16 $720.00
C 24 $960.00

To receive a package rate, the entire package cost is due when the project document is approved by the client and must be received before consultation will begin.  Clients may upgrade to a package with more hours if necessary.


The hourly rate is $60.00 (minimum of 2 hours).  Client will be billed after each session.


We can work with you to identify an approach that will deliver a satisfactory outcome within your budget.  Fifty percent of the project cost is due when a scope statement is agreed upon by both parties.